Privacy Policy

Camlink is committed to your privacy. This Privacy Policy details how we use your personal identifying information. This Privacy Policy may be modified at any time without notice to you. Please review this document each time you visit us or use any of our tools or services. Should you use any tool or service that we provide subsequent to any modification of this Privacy Policy, such usage is your express indication to us that you agree to be bound by each and every term of the modified Privacy Policy as published on our web site.

It is our policy, except as noted below, not to sale, trade, lease, give away or otherwise release your personal information, which includes your name, physical address (business or home), home or business telephone number and your e-mail address. However, we shall share your personal information as needed to allow for the provision of integrated services and products that you order via affiliated or associated partners and companies. For example, should we offer a product made available via a partner company, we will disclose your physical address and other related information so that the product you order may be shipped to your physical address.

Introduction to our Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy is limited in scope to your activity on our site and does not apply to offline contact between you and Camlink, nor does it apply to any other company, our users, or any third party or entity. Please review this Privacy Policy each time you use any of our tools or services or when you visit our site as we may change the Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice to you. Any changes we make become effective immediately upon the posting of the subsequent, modified Privacy Policy on our website. Each time you visit our site or use any of our tools or services you expressly indicate to us that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy and agree to be bound by each and every term and condition contained in the Privacy Policy.

Information regarding Cookies
Please note that we employ the use of cookies. Currently we employ cookies when users create user accounts, but we may further employ cookies to assist the functionality of other tools, services and functions in the future.

Cookies are small programs that enhance your use of the Internet, in general, and specifically we use cookies to enhance your usage of our functions.

The information gathered is not shared with third parties. You may turn off your cookies by adjusting the appropriate setting on your browser.

Please consult the HELP menu of your browser to learn how to turn your cookies off. Cookies do not reveal personal information and if you turn off your cookies you may find your enjoyment of the Internet, and our site, to be reduced or impaired.

In order to seek out and repair functionality issues with our servers and related programming, we may use your email and IP addresses for evaluation and diagnostic purposes.

Cookies may provide Recording Session information, show us visitor preferences regarding return visits to our website, help us to mange subscription or private areas on our website, record user specific tracking or aggregate tracking information of visitors and deliver user customized content based on user specific information, such as browser type, screen type and resolution and so forth. None of the information gathered is shared with third parties.

Other possible uses for the information that we collect includes internal tracking, review, or is used for contacting purposes and then is archived by us for future usage. We also use the information we collect to provide custom content for our user base.

We also, as is a common practice for all business based websites on the Internet, automatically collect you IP address and the webpage you were referred from. We use your IP address to help identify you as well as gather demographic information that does not personally identify you and for the purpose of improving our services to you.

General Information
It is our policy not to send unsolicited emails or allow third parties to contact you via the email address that you provide to us. We may, from time to time, contact you to discuss business relevant to your membership and, naturally, we will contact you to respond to inquiries that you may send to us.

Users may publish their contact information if they so select and that information may consist of telephone number, email address, screen names, age, name, location and other similar information. If a user chooses to publish such information it shall be available without restriction to any of our users.

You can access our Website home page and browse our site without disclosing your personal data. Membership signups require the disclosure of certain personal information, which we do not share except as disclosed herein.

We do not collect information about our visitors from third party sources, such as public records or entities, or private organizations.

We do not knowingly collect personal data or information from minors.

We have implemented security policies, rules and technical measure to protect the personal data that we have under our control. These policies, rules and technical measures help to protect your data from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification, and unlawful destruction or accidental loss. However, note that no policy, rule or technical measure can offer 100% protection against unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification, unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

All our employees and data processors, who have access to, and are associated with the processing of personal data, are obliged to respect the confidentiality of our visitor's and members' personal data.

You may access your personal information via your administrative area and make all necessary changes to said information at anytime. You do, however, agree to keep all personal and financial information accurate, complete and up to video chat date at all times.

Further Data Collection and Usage of your Personal Identifying Information
We may collect aggregate (general tracking) information about pages that users visit on our site. We also may collect user specific information about pages that users visit on our site. Any information that you give us when you complete a contact form or inquiry form, survey and so forth is collected by us. No personally identifiable information or data, including your name and address, is disclosed or published by this process.

We, or our associates or partners, may contact you via email, surface mail, or telephone, for the purpose of market research or market studies. For example, we may engage in sociological or psychological research in the field of dating and social relationships and contact you, directly or via a partnered company, for the purpose of engaging in such research.

Should you engage in a business transaction with us, such as purchasing a tool, product or service, we will collect the information necessary to complete that transaction.

You will be required to complete online registration forms that provide us with contact information (such as your name and street address), your email address, and your phone numbers.

Your user data elements, such as photo, username, city and state) may appear on our home page if so selected for promotional purposes.

We may, from time to time, send you emails regarding our service so that we can directly communicate with you regarding issues we determine to be relevant.

We collect financial information (name, address, age, date of birth, and related information) as may be required to provider our services to you.

Please do not enter personal information into any service field that is published on our site unless you intend for such material to be published on our web site and be available for all users to see. We will inform you regarding each data field that is published on the site. Do not use your password as a portion of your user name as user names are published on our site and do not publish any information or data that you do not wish others to see.

We will use your email address and other personal information for the purpose of contacting you in order for us to answer service related questions you have sent us via email or otherwise to ensure the proper operation and security of our site.

We may also forward email to you from one or more of our users.

Some operational based communications may contain commercial messages. We may also send you various marketing based communications from time to time. You may opt out from receiving such marketing communications.

We may use your personal information to verify the origination of any email that you send us.

Should you use a credit card to pay for any tool or service, we will share your personal information with your credit card provider so that your order or purchase may be fulfilled.

Should we merge our business with a third party business, sell or otherwise transfer control of our business to a third party or entity, or declare bankruptcy, your personal information will be transferred to the care and custody of the relevant third party involved with the related transaction.

We may review all demographic information for the purpose of, on a aggregated basis, targeting commercial messages on our site to our entire user base or subsets of the same.

Security Precautions
Camlink engages industry standard security precautions, including secure server software (SSL) to protect commercial transactions, which encrypts your personal and financial information. Your information may be stored or transmitted through jurisdictions other than that in which you reside or work and as such, may travel through computer networks in jurisdictions where inadequate protective laws or enforcement are in place.

Exceptions to our Privacy Policy
Possible exceptions to our policy include the very rare following circumstances, and as indicated herein:

  • If a governmental agency, or an attorney, subpoenas your private information, or makes a formal request for discovery pursuant to any legal action, or pending legal action.
  • If our attorney requests such information relevant to a current or pending legal matter in which you are a potential or actual party or otherwise contributed in some way to the causation of the legal matter.
Links to Third Party Websites
We may publish links to other websites on our own site. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of such websites. Please carefully review the privacy policies of all such websites before you use any tool or service that they provide, enroll as a member, or visit their site.

Contact Camlink
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