Frequently Asked Questions

What is Camlink Broadcaster?
Camlink Broadcaster allows you to stream live video and audio to any RTMP server, and use its built in web browser to navigate and or log into any website while streaming. The floating My Webcam window is resizable to allow you to see you in full screen or 1/4 screen while browsing.

What can I do with Camlink Broadcaster?
Use Camlink Broadcaster with YouTube, Ustream, and other popular video streaming websites to broadcast live video and sound from anywhere! You can stream your own live broadcasts from any location using your smartphone or tablet, even if the website you are streaming to does not offer their own mobile apps for live broadcasts.

Where can I get Camlink Broadcaster?
You can download Camlink Broadcaster from the App Store for Apple or Google Play for Android devices.

What mobile devices does Camlink Broadcaster work on?
Camlink Broadcaster is compatible with most iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, and Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Nexus tablet, HTC, Huawei, and more.

What types of websites does Camlink Broadcaster work on?
Camlink Broadcaster works on any website which provides an RTMP server URL for users to stream to. Camlink was designed to be used with server based video chat websites, as it allows you to stream live video and audio while using the app's web browser to chat and interact on the website as you would normally. The app also works on any website which allows streaming from Adobe's Flash Media Encoder. If you are not sure of the RMTP server URL for the website you are trying to stream to, please contact them directly, as we do not have this information.

How do I use Camlink Broadcaster to stream to a website?
Please follow the steps below to use Camlink:

  1. In the app's web browser, enter the URL of the website you would like to stream to and press "Return" on the keyboard.
  2. Log into the website as you would normally, and access the page you need to be on in order to stream.
  3. Press the "Broadcast" button on the small webcam window on the bottom right of the app.
  4. Enter the name you would like to identify this stream by in the "Broadcast Name" field (this can be any name you made up).
  5. Enter the RTMP server URL in the "Broadcast URL" field (this URL must be provided by the website you are streaming to).
  6. Press "Start" to begin streaming. You will now be able to stream and navigate the website you are streaming to at the same time if needed.
  7. To stop streaming close the app or press the "Disconnect" button.

How much does Camlink Broadcaster cost?
Camlink Broadcaster costs $1.99 with no other monthly or in app fees.

What type of video encoding does Camlink Broadcaster use?
Camlink Broadcaster uses H264 video encoding which is the same as the Flash Player and Adobe Flash Media Encoder.

Does Camlink's web browser work just like a regular web browser?
Yes. You can use Camlink's built in web browser to access or log into any website just like you would with your regular web browser.

Is there a limit to how long I can stream for with Camlink Broadcaster?
No, as long as your device has power. Camlink Broadcaster was designed to stop your device from going to sleep while you are broadcasting or surfing the web with its built in web browser.

Can I mute the sound while streaming?
Yes. You can mute the sound while broadcasting by clicking on the Mic button on the small webcam window.

Can I use both the front and back webcam on my device?
Yes. You can select which webcam (front or back) is used for streaming by clicking on the Cam button on the small webcam window.

Can I resize the webcam window so I can see myself better?
Yes. You can resize the webcam window by clicking on the Resize button on the small webcam window.

Does Camlink Broadcaster save the RTMP URLs I use for streaming so I do not have to enter them every time?
Yes. Each time you stream to a new RTMP URL, Camlink saves it on the settings screen for easy access in the future.

I am a website owner. What do I need to do to let my users stream to my website with Camlink?
Our app already works with all RTMP streaming servers, so all you need to do is tell your users to visit or search for "Camlink" in the App Store or Google Play to install the app. You also need to provide them with a unique RTMP server URL for them to stream to, and they can use Camlink to login and stream to your website as if they were using a PC or laptop (the quality of the video should be the same if not better). An example RTMP URL would be rtmp:// with username being each user's actual username on your website.

I am a website owner and I would like to provide an RTMP URL file for my users so they do not have to enter the URLs manually. Is this possible?
Yes. To simplify entering RTMP URLs, we allow uploading a specially formatted configuration file with multiple URLs. Please follow the steps below to set up your Camlink configuration file:
  1. Upload a file to your website with the name of "anyname.camlink.conf" with anyname being any name you choose for the file.
  2. In the above file, please include your RTMP URLs in the format below with URL being your website which you would like users to be redirected to after the configuration file is loaded into the app:
        "URL": "",
        "list": [
            { "Site1": "rtmp://" },
            { "Site2": "rtmp://" }
  3. Upload the above file to your website and provide a link to your users to download it using their Camlink app.
  4. After they download the file, they will see a message that the configuration file has been loaded, and then be redirected to the URL you specified for logging into your website to start streaming.
  5. The configuration file is only loaded once, and any time they use the app after the configuration file has been loaded, they will see the list of URLs in their settings.

Contact Camlink
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