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Welcome to the all new Camlink! We are now under new owhership and are bringing you many excting new features. In the information age, many people find themselves looking for alternatives to the bar/club scene in their searches for romance. Speed Dating with free video chat is the new, fun and quick way to meet people. We call it Free Video Chat Dating!

Like many other single professionals, we tried traditional dating sites only to realize it takes too much time, money, and the end result is not always what you were looking for in the first place. Looking for something more effective, we decided to try Speed Dating. Speed dating is based on the scientifically proven fact that most people form their impressions of one another within the first minute of the meeting. After the session, which was a lot of fun, we came to the realization that a video chat version of Speed Dating could be even better. We felt there is a definite need for a new kind of video chat site that is not profile and picture based, but rather gives users a live interaction with other singles, all from the comfort of their own home. Best of all, Camlink is free to all users.


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