Use your phone or tablet to broadcast to any live streaming website!

Live streaming from your mobile devices - Broadcast your life to the world!

Built in web browser

Use Camlink's full featured web browser to surf the web or log into websites while streaming.

Quality video and audio

Near HD quality video and audio using H264 encoding, comparable to Adobe FME software or Flash.

Stream to any server

Camlink lets you stream to any RTMP server by entering any valid RTMP URL into the app's settings.

Very easy to use

Log into any video streaming website, enter the RTMP server URL, click Start, and you're live.


Camlink is the first mobile streaming app with a built in web browser!

Mobile streaming

Stream live from your phone or tablet

Resizable video window

See yourself in a small or full size window

Stream to any server

Stream live to any RTMP server

Real time video chat

Video chat live on any website that allows it

Built in web browser

Browse the web or log into any website

Very easy to use

Enter any site, the RTMP URL, and Start

Use your favorite sites

Broadcast live on your favorite video sites

High quality video

High quality H264 encoded video

Stream from anywhere

Broadcast your life to the world

And much more...

The only streaming app you will ever need

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